The XTREMER Partnership Program was designed to help talented content creators reach new audiences and heights with their interests. By joining this program, you will have the support of a community of like-minded people and be equipped with Xtreme Performance Gear.


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Submit your application now and start your journey with XPG!

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By signing up to enroll in #XTREMER partnership program, you agree to the following:

  1. You accept our Terms of Conditions & Privacy.
  2. You acknowledged that you are 18y.o. or older.
  3. Use the hashtag #XTREMER across all your streams to be eligible for all promotions, activities and rewards under this program.
  4. You confirm that your use of the streaming platform is in accordance with and do not violate the relevant terms of use.
  5. You will be notified by email if you are eligible for the program.
  6. By signing up for the #XTREMER program, you agree to receive emails from XPG about any news, promotions or activities associated with the program.
  7. You agree for XPG to use your uploaded profile picture on XTREMER event page.
  8. You hereby grant XPG a worldwide, perpetual and irrevocable license to use or repost any #XTREMER content created by you on our social platforms or website.
  9. XPG reserves the right to moderate, modify or remove any streams which we deem inappropriate or offensive.
  10. XPG has the absolute discretion to suspend or discontinue your participation in the #XTREMER program for inappropriate conduct or any conduct that violates our Terms of Service.
  11. For enquiries or support, please contact


This program is perfect for anyone ranging from up and coming to content creators! If you are competitive, driven to learn and improve, and want to constantly push yourself to new heights, then this is the program for you. Here are the most active XTREMERS. They have all explored the site in their way, and contributed good content for the community.



Carol Anet




Alex Herrera




Angelo Gamer


Galitta TV


Hacker Girl


Hashtag #XTREMER to be featured here


Q & A

Q1. What is the #XTREMER program?
A. The program is an initiative focused on supporting new and upcoming streamers by offering a support provided by XPG.
A. All content creators are eligible to apply to join the XTREMER program. XPG will offer membership on a case by case basis at our own discretion.
*Content creators from around the world are encouraged to apply but there are limitations on membership in certain countries due to local laws and regulations.
A. XPG affiliation, access to resources that will help you further grow your channel, and more!
A. The XTREMER program is not an official brand sponsorship, but a community program designed to encourage and promote content creators.
A. No. The program is about helping the streaming community by offering XPG products and support to streamers. You can submit the application now and stay tuned for the interesting things we have planned!
A. Members of the XTREMER program are eligible to receive XPG products and apparel at the discretion of XPG.
Members will be offered XPG products and apparel in exchange for certain deliverables, which will be discussed in detail after admission to the program.
*Only a limited number of products are reserved for XTREMER program distribution each month. XPG will distribute these products to program members at their discretion.
A. At the discretion of XPG, members will be offered the opportunity to receive free product from XPG via mail, in exchange for certain deliverables.
*XPG is only responsible for sending products and apparel to those people that are officially offered membership to the XTREMER program and provide confirmation and follow up information within the requested time frame.
XPG does not take responsibility for receiving incorrect shipping information that prevents delivery of products shipped.
XPG does not take responsibility or liability for customs limitations set by the laws of the XTREMER’s local government.
A. Absolutely not. We support all major streaming platforms.
A. You can place the #BeAnXTREMER in the title, description or in the overlay of your stream.
A. List the XPG products you are currently using within the description of your stream!
A. XPG reviews your application. Once confirmed, your info is added into our database. Then, you will be contacted by XPG staff to discuss further details.
*If the partnership email was not checked and replied to within the given time frame, XPG reserves the right to suspend membership offer and is not required to send any products or apparel to the applicant.
A. You can reach out to XPG_GLOBAL on Facebook or Instagram.
A. No. If you are interest in being a paid XPG content creator please contact XPG_GLOBAL on Facebook or Instagram.
A. Email us at XTREMER@XPG.COM with your contact information and streaming link, and then we will remove you from our database.

Terms and Conditions

  1. Event participants vouch that all written and provided information is accurate. If any information is found to be untrue, inaccurate or incomplete, participants will be disqualified. If harm is caused to ADATA or to any third party, the responsible party will be held criminally responsible. ADATA are in no way legally responsible for any dishonest or improper information provided by participants and other consumers.
  2. If ADATA find multiple accounts registered with the same address and/or telephone number, they will be treated as the same applicant. In disputes concerning qualified entries, ADATA retains the right to make the final decision.
  3. Prizes are subject to availability. Prizes are non-transferable and non-exchangeable for cash, unless otherwise specified. In the event ADATA is unable to provide the stated prize, ADATA reserves the right to award a different prize at its discretion.
  4. ADATA shall not be responsible for any inaccuracy in any information, and/or personal or contact particulars provided by participants, and shall not be liable for any such errors or any loss suffered by participants as a result.
  5. These terms and conditions are to be construed, governed, and interpreted in accordance with the laws of Taiwan and all parties agree to submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of Taiwan courts.
  6. The XTREMER Partnership Program event starts April 9, 2021 at 12:01am and ends on December 31, 2021 at 11:59pm Taipei time.
  7. Employees of ADATA, its respective subsidiaries, divisions, affiliates, authorized dealers/distributors, and agents are not eligible to enter the event. ADATA reserves the right to disqualify any such person from receipt of any prize and/or require the return of any such prizes awarded. In such an event, ADATA reserves the right to redraw a new winner for the prize in any manner it deems fit, at its sole discretion.
  8. ADATA reserves the right to amend, revise, delete, edit, add to, and/or withdraw these terms and conditions and the prizes at any time without notice, in which event, ADATA shall have no liability whatsoever to any person and/or entity as a result thereof.
  9. You accept and acknowledge that you are participating in a program designed to encourage and promote streaming. You shall not make any statement or representation that may suggest or imply that you are sponsored by or associated with XPG.

Performance Personal Information Protection Act Obligation Statement

Within the scope of the following, the ADATA and its Partners will inform participants of the personal data collected, processed, utilized, and transmitted by the activity website (including international transmission and inter-jurisdictional transmission) and the following items in accordance with the relevant provisions of effective personal data protection in force in the locality. When you provide your personal data on the activity website, you are deemed to have already done so and fully understand and agree to the following terms:

  1. The purpose of the collection is to carry out the "XTREMER Partnership Program" (hereinafter referred to as "this activity"), including the following specific purposes: marketing; (contracts, similar contracts or other legal relationships; consumers, customer management and services, etc.)
  2. Category of Personal data: SNS (Facebook/Weibo) accounts, names, emails, birthday, gender, addresses and mobile phone numbers that directly or indirectly identify participants′ data
  3. Utilization Area: Place for the Event.
  4. Target of utilization: The representative, supervisor, employee, agent, professional consultant of ADATA and its affiliated enterprises, or the institution that has contractual relationship or business dealings with the sponsor and its affiliated enterprises because of business needs.
  5. Ways of Utilization: Collection, processing, utilization and international transmission (including but not limited to the use of electronic files, hardcopies or other appropriate means suitable for science and technology at that time) by means of automated machines or other non-automated means in accordance with the relevant personal data protection ordinances.
  6. Participants exercise their rights: During the event, participants may exercise relevant rights to ADATA in accordance with the relevant provisions on the protection of personal data in force in the locality in respect of the personal data held by the organizer.
  7. Participants are free to choose whether or not to provide personal data. If they choose not to, they will not be eligible to participate in the activity.
  8. Further information with respect to our “Privacy” policy may be found at our official website, address: